The leather tote


I think I'm becoming a bit of a bag collector. It's not necessarily about the number of bags I have, which isn't actually that many, it's more about investing in timeless design and beautiful quality. At the moment, it's all about the leather tote, although despite looking for a tote, I'm getting easily distracted by envelope bags and even a beautiful little milk pail bag.

I already have a nude vegan leather tote from Freepeople which I love (pic below). I took it on holiday last year and it was perfect for the plane and chucking all the kids stuff in it, then used as a beach bag during the holiday. It really stood up to the use and I could clean it with a wet wipe! 

I would, however, love to have a simply designed, exceptional quality leather tote that will age beautifully over time. I've picked out some of my favourites below (currently bookmarked in my head for my October birthday, which can't come soon enough...).

Here are two leather shoppers from Yvonne Koné, handmade in Italy. Each bag has been made by over skilled hands, from pattern makers, benders, seamsters, tanners, producers of zippers, hang tags, lining, metal trimmings, and many more.

Then there's Grace Gordon, an independent women’s lifestyle brand based in Lewes, England. Their concept is simple; to create beautifully made pieces, using quality materials, with a clean aesthetic. Driven by a fascination with rich materials, natural colours and simple functionality, they curate classic pieces with a contemporary edge, and I love them. Below is their Ellie Leather Tote.

The sublime Tiane Tenui recognises the importance of longevity, the nuances of elegance and the power of our feelings around purchasing something so special and individual. At any given time there are only ever two bags made from the same materials and colour.

Buying a bag from Tiane Tenui is a special experience, Christiane believes that each bag should become a part of her clients daily lives, telling a personal story through the marks and impressions left over time. Each client receives a small leather samples so that they may experience the feeling and actual color of the leather, thus becoming a part of the creation process. 

Their Instagram feed (pics taken from Instagram below) is a wonderful way to see their work.

Based in Brighton, England, Jess and Alia (Nell Harper Leather) make all their bags by hand using premium vegetable tanned leather that's designed to age beautifully. 

And finally, from Coriumi on Etsy, is this beautiful, simple tote, handmade by husband and wife team Inga and Arvydas in Lithuania.

It's not officially a tote but just because I love it, here's the beautiful Milk Pail bag from S.Joon.