Curated: Furniture inspiration for your summer garden


We often find ourselves longing for typical English summer days, sitting out in the garden, feet up with a cup of tea or glass of wine, BBQs with friends or sitting in a courtyard, listening to the birdsong and drifting off for a snooze. Days like that seem few and far between in the midst of a seemingly never ending winter. This one has has felt particularly long and what's made it harder are the few gloriously warm and sunny summer days that just seem to last for a short time, then we're back to the cold, windy and wet weather again. 

I'm happy call the UK home and I'll take the weather that comes with it. I love the seasons, and the lusciously green countryside that we're so lucky to have (thanks to all that rain we had over the winter) but I'm now ready to say goodbye to that rain and chilly weather. I never really understood how the weather can make people feel sad, but I totally get it now. I know it's only May and the occasional summery days we've had recently were unseasonably warm but it got me thinking. I hasn't realised that my mood was being affected so much by the cold, wet weather until the sun came out. The effect it had was noticeable: more relaxed, happier, even having that inner smile as I walked along the road. SAD really is a thing and although I wouldn't want to permanently relocate to another country because of it (I know people who have) I can see why, particularly those who are retired, jump on a plane and head over to warmer climes for the winter. 

Thinking about soaking up that glorious British sunshine when it does arrive and now that the garden really has awoken and the plants are about to burst into bloom (those that haven't been completely flattened by a certain 8-year-olds football anyway) I've curated a collection of my favourite furniture that would be perfect for the garden...